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Reiki Home Study Course

Reiki home study course to take care of your Health.

Reiki Home Study CourseIn the eighties I spent a lot of money to become a Reiki master and I was looking for a better way to learn Reiki. A Reiki home study course would be nice and convenient. 
I’ve done a lot of reviews for alternative health products for the past few years, and it was only recently that I came across a product called Pure Reiki Healing.

So I set aside some time to look into the product.

Reiki is an ancient art of healing, originating from a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui.

He had been attending a 21-day retreat at the Buddhist Center at the foot of Mount Kurama, when he was “gifted” a revelation during the early hours of his last day on the mountain.

Mikao Usui was excited about this new healing insight he received, and began practicing and fine-tuning it when he returned to Tokyo.

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The rest, as they say, is history, as more and more people began practicing the art.

Owen Coleman’s Pure Reiki Healing is the digital reincarnation of the Reiki healing process, but it is by no means less effective than the original teachings.

Pure Reiki Healing is made up of 3 training manuals – which correspond to the 3 Levels of Reiki – and the supplementary 3 training videos.

The package is complemented further by an expansive collection of meditation and Reiki music that will speed up your mastery of Reiki.

Let’s look at each component of the Reiki home study course.

First there are the 3 manuals.

Presented in an easy-to-read format, the manuals provide comprehensive insight to the various aspects of Reiki. From its history, to the various healing techniques, to sacred symbols used in treatments, and other relevant and important issues surrounding Reiki.

The manuals are adequately illustrated with pictures demonstrating how one might be able to conduct self treatment for common ailments such as headaches, leg pain, eye strain, and even more serious conditions such as stroke, spinal injuries, heart problems, among others.

But one of the great things about Pure Reiki Healing is that it offers readers quick relief in the form of its Rapid Reiki Treatment module, which it claims to take up only 15 – 30 minutes a day… a definite plus for anyone with a busy schedule.

Other techniques include the Ultradian Rhythm technique, which can be used when the body is going into a semi-trance state or drifting off; group reiki treatment; the surrogate method of distance healing, and much much more healing strategies in Pure Reiki Healing.

The biggest selling point however must be the demo videos, dubbed “Master Class videos”, where you’ll literally see for yourself key hand positions for the treatment of a variety of ailments demonstrated “live” by a Reiki Master.

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This is definitely a plus, because it goes without saying that you’ll learn much better watching how each technique is supposed to be executed, compared to merely reading about the techniques from a book.

Best of all, this entire package – the 3 manuals, the collection of meditation and Reiki music, the “Master Class” videos, and the certification system – is offered at a very affordable price.

But the big question is: “Does it work?”

As someone who’s gone through the entire course, and as a reviewer of such home study courses, I’m glad to say that it does work.

I attempted a self treatment for a cold that I had contracted while undergoing the Pure Reiki Healing course, and true enough, the cold was gone within days.

A surprising “side effect” to that self treatment was that I felt re-energized, and… for want of a better word… healthier.

And I achieved all that without having to fork out a penny for over-the-counter medication or a trip to the doctor’s.

That’s the biggest reason for anyone to purchase a course like this: the potential savings in healthcare costs in the long run.

You won’t have to worry about hefty medical insurance or hospital bills you can’t afford, because if you can afford the small price that Owen Coleman is asking for Pure Reiki Healing, then you’re never going to have to worry about falling ill.

So if you’re going to put your money into anything where your health is concerned, invest in Pure Reiki Healing.

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Coronavirus Information by Greg Braden

Coronavirus Truth & Fiction.

Useful information and health tips.

This is good information about the Coronavirus, with good advices and well explained by Greg Braden.
At the end of the video there are some health tips concerning supplements.

About the tips at the end of the video.

Look here for Reishi mushroom extracts :
         Buy Reishi Mushroom Extracts here  (best price quality and quantity relation).
Look here for multivitamins containing zinc :
         Choose your multivitamin here, good quality and good quantity.
Greg talks also about Agarikon Mushroom. These capsules are hard to get and rather expensive.
An alternative can be Chaga Mushroom extracts in capsules.
If you want to buy Chaga Mushroom extractslook here
An other alternative is 6 Mushroom Extract Complex, also containing an amount of Chaga extract and Reishi, look here.

More about Chaga.

Chaga Mushrooms or Inonotus Obliquus, has gained much attention and popularity for its medical properties.* It can be found in the northwest part of North America, Russia, Korea and parts of northern and eastern parts of Europe.It has been used as a natural holistic treatment for a variety of ailments for over 500 years.The Chinese have nicknamed it “The king of all plants” and the Japanese call it “The Diamond of the forest”.

Chaga is known for :
1. anti-bacterial*
2. antifungal*
3. antiviral*
4. antipyretic*
5. anti-inflammatory*
6. antioxidant*
7. anti-tumor*
8. immunity booster*
9. improve concentration*
10. improve performance*
11. Improve physical ability*

*These statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. The discussed products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Fusion Medical Animation


Icebreaker question #19: What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

I’m a big fan of this question, as you’re essentially asking a person about what wisdom they personally find most valuable. The best advice I’ve ever received, myself? “Trust yourself.”

I had to think of an advice I got when I was very young there was a competition throwing a ball as far as you could.

When it was my turn to throw a man who was standing close to me said : “Wait until there is more wind and then throw”. So I waited till there was more wind, just a few seconds, I threw the ball and I won haha.

So what can you do with such an advice in your own life? When you want to do something important at that moment, find the circumstances where you feel you’ve got a helping wind in the back and then go for it.

See for more icebreaker questions : 25 Icebreaker Questions


Being Brave

Being Brave.

In the end bravey is your only option - Stuart Wilde

“In het end bravery is your only option.” – Stuart Wilde

And when you look back at your life so far, you will discover that there were moments of bravery.

Maybe you were brave enough to go to school.

Maybe you were brave enough to go study far away from home.

Maybe you were brave enough to move to another city.

Maybe you were brave enough to move to another country.

Maybe you were brave enough to love yourself.

Maybe you were brave enough to say “I love you”.

Maybe you were brave enough to really love someone.

Maybe you were brave enough to raise children.

Maybe you were brave enough to give birth.

Maybe you were brave enough to walk on fire.

Maybe you were brave enough to be vulnerable.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief a Unique System

8 Minute Meditation for Stress Relief is designed to give you instant, simple, and powerful tools to help you naturally eliminate stressful feelings as they surface, whether you’re a seasoned meditator or trying it for the first time. This is the perfect tool to prevent a burnout.

Stress Reduction

When you skillfully learn to handle your stress, not only does your stress level go down, but your quality of life “goes up.” The skills you will learn in the 8 Minute Meditation Stress Reduction Program have a global impact.
Just think about it: If you lower your stress, you feel calmer. Your heart rate is normal, your digestive and other systems are working normally, the way they were designed to. Your entire body and mind are in harmony, functioning to give you the most aware, joyful experience you can have. There’s nothing in the way. Then, the world may appear totally different. Colors may seem more vivid. Your shoulders seem lighter, like some great burden has been lifted from them. Life is just “good” again.
See more HERE

Brainwave Frequencies

Brainwave Frequency

This is a listing of frequencies that various parties have claimed can affect the human mind or body in some way. The following sorts of frequencies are included :

  • Brainwave Frequencies – These are frequencies associated with various mental states. Using brainwave entrainment, you can coax your brainwaves to a certain frequency, and in doing so, achieve the mental state associated with that frequency. Continue reading

Stress Management


Stress management —-Why?

Almost everybody needs stress management because chronic stress can lead to burn out.
Stress – from the Latin “stringere”, to squeeze tight, touch or injure – is not bad, per se. 
Positive stress and adrenaline in the right circumstances can make us stronger, happier and healthier. 
Yet, in certain work environments, chronic stress provokes anxiety, detachment and fatigue that can lead to burnout.
Did you know that the share of people experiencing burnout in the UK is 57 %, in the United States 50%, 
in Spain 37% and in Germany and France 30%.

What can we do with a stress management course

With a proper stress management course you can learn:
* How to reduce your workload with minimal effort.
* How to reduce the stress you feel each day.
* How to prepare your day to reduce stressful situations.
* How to set and achieve your short and long term goals quicker.
* How to minimize the chance of you having a breakdown.
* How to relax when you get the chance.
* How to take control of your stress.
* How you can use techniques to calm yourself.
* How to get more done in less time by being more calm.

Do you ever feel like you’re spending all your time working?
Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to take time to enjoy life?
Does it seem like the stress is taking over?
If you answered Yes to any of these, then you’re going to like what we have in store for you.
There is a brand new stress management course called “Breathe!”.

You can take a look and grab your copy here:
Stress management course   

Get ready to learn how to reduce stress, manage your workload and a
bunch of tips we have learnt over many years of trying to minimize the
time spend working! 
It’s much easier than you think.

stress managemment course


Voedingssupplementen van hoge kwaliteit

For English version click HERE

Voedingssupplementen worden geproduceerd in de VS, zeer voordelig geprijsd, lage verzendkosten.

Ik kwam zelf op de website van Piping Rock terecht omdat ik  multivitaminen voor mannen zocht en ik moest concluderen dat het product van Piping Rock de meestomvattende en voordeligste is.

voedingssupplement CoQ10

Voedingssupplementen zoals:
CoQ10, Probiotica.
Multivitaminen voor mannen.

Multivitaminen voor vrouwen.
Huidverzorging, schoonheid en persoonlijke verzorging, collageen
Gewichtsondersteuning, Keto, Noten en zaden, Thee
Organische producten,
Kruidensupplementen, bulkkruiden
Vloeibare concentraten, supplementen voor gezamenlijke ondersteuning
Producten voor huisdieren, sport- en fitness-supplementen, vitamine C
Kruiden, kurkuma, homeopathie, veganistische producten.


Een gezonde levensstijl (met voedingssupplementen).

Als je hebt besloten om een ​​gezondere levensstijl te bereiken, raad ik je aan een kijkje te nemen in de Piping Rock-webwinkel.
Piping Rock heeft de goedkoopste voedingssupplementen en meer. De producten worden geproduceerd in de Verenigde Staten en het familiebedrijf doet er alles aan om de beste kwaliteit te leveren tegen zeer concurrerende prijzen.
Mijn persoonlijke favorieten zijn de Noni-producten, vitamine C en een multivitamine genaamd Mega multi voor mannen (50 plus).
Maar kijk naar de website, klik HIER.

Kortom: Piping Rock is de one-stop-shop voor gezondheidsbewuste consumenten … maar hoe is dat zover gekomen?

Het verhaal van het familiebedrijf.

Het begon allemaal in 1971 toen Arthur Rudolph vitamines begon te produceren. Zijn zoon Scott werd geïnspireerd door het werk van Arthur. Hij volgde het werk van zijn vader, keek aandachtig naar zijn proces en leerde de ins en outs van de industrie. Het duurde niet lang voordat hij ontdekte dat hij, net als zijn vader, een passie had voor de gezondheid van mensen! Als een 19-jarige student begon Scott zijn eigen vitaminebedrijf. ‘S Avonds en in het weekend verpakte hij producten met de hand – klant voor klant – totdat zijn bedrijf uitzonderlijk goed liep. Arthur en zijn zoon begonnen in 1986 een partnerschap en richtten Nature’s Bounty (NBTY) op, die in de volgende 24 jaar uitgroeide tot ‘s werelds grootste producent van vitamines. In 2011 werd het bedrijf naar een hoger niveau getild door de oprichting van Piping Rock Health Products.


Piping Rock is echt anders dan alle andere bedrijven in voedingssupplementen!

Met Piping Rock wordt de droom van drie generaties gerealiseerd: nl ervoor zorgen dat vitamines, voedingssupplementen en natuurlijke producten van superieure kwaliteit voor iedereen betaalbaar en gemakkelijk toegankelijk zijn … omdat de familie echt gelooft dat iedereen een goede gezondheid verdient.
Tot op de dag van vandaag is het de grootste wens dat iedereen gelukkig en gezond kan zijn. De filosofie van Piping Rock is dat mensen terugkomen in de webshop omdat zij het gevoel hebben dat de producten hebben bijgedragen aan een goede gezondheid.
Natuurlijk kunt u de producten ook delen met familie en vrienden, zodat ook zij kunnen profiteren van de goede kwaliteit en de betaalbare prijzen.

Speciale aanbiedingen.

Bij Piping Rock zijn er regelmatig zeer concurrerende aanbiedingen, het is de moeite waard om het te bekijken.
Klik HIER voor de speciale aanbiedingen.

Nutritional supplements of high-quality

Voor de Nederlandse versie klik HIER.

The nutritional supplements are produced in the USA, very competitively priced and low shipping costs.

I found myself on the Piping Rock website because I was looking for multi vitamins for men and had to conclude that the Piping Rock nutritional supplements are the most comprehensive and cost-effective.

Example of nutritional supplements Co Q10

Nutritional supplements like:
Supplements, CoQ10, Probiotics.
Melatonin, Multi Vitamins for men, Multi Vitamins for women.
Skin care, Beauty and personal care, Collagen
Weight support, Keto, Nuts and seeds, Tea
Organic products,
Herbal supplements, Bulk herbs
Liquid concentrates, Joint support supplements
Pet products, Sports & fitness supplements, Vitamin C
Herbs, Turmeric, Homeopathy, Vegan products.

A healthy lifestyle (with nutritonal supplements).

If you have decided to achieve a healthier lifestyle, I advise you to take a look at the Piping Rock web store.
Piping Rock has the most inexpensive nutritional supplements and more. The products are produced in the United States and the family business makes every effort to deliver the best quality at very competitive prices.
My personal favorites are the Noni productsvitamin C and a multi vitamins called Mega multi for men (50 plus).
But look at the website, click HERE.

In short: Piping Rock is the one-stop shop for health-conscious consumers … but how did it come to that?

The story of the family business.

It all started in 1971 when Arthur Rudolph started producing vitamins. His son Scott was inspired by Arthur’s work. He followed his father’s work, looked carefully at his process and learned the ins and outs of the industry. It wasn’t long before he discovered that he, like his father, had a passion for people’s health! As a 19 year old student, Scott started his own vitamin company. In the evenings and at weekends, he packaged products by hand – customer for customer – until his business went exceptionally well. Arthur and his son started a partnership in 1986 and they founded Nature’s Bounty (NBTY), which in the following 24 years grew into the world’s largest manufacturer of vitamins. In 2011, the business was taken to the next level by the establishment of Piping Rock Health Products.

exaples of nutritional supplementsPiping Rock is really different from all other natural products companies!

With Piping Rock, the dream of three generations is realized: namely ensuring that superior quality vitamins, nutritional supplements and natural products are affordable and easily accessible to everyone … because the family truly believes that everyone deserves good health.
To this day, it is the greatest wish that everyone can be happy and healthy. The philosophy of Piping Rock is that people come back to the webshop by feeling that the products have helped support good health. Of course you can also share the products with family and friends so that they too can benefit from the good quality and the affordable prices.

Special Offers.

At Piping Rock there are regularly very competitive offers, it is worth checking it out.
Click HERE for the special offers.

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