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Sleeping problems?

Deep Sleep (Plain and Simple)
Deep Sleep Letting Go of Past
Power Nap (20minutes) 

Brainwave Entrainment
Understand how powerful the brain is, when you use it in the right way.

Inner Power

All power comes from within. This is a principle described by Serge Kahili King in his book “The Urban Shaman”.

Work From Home Successfully 

It is important to stay focused when you work from home.Web meetings differ from the meetings we used to have at the office. One has to be sharp otherwise one can miss something easily.
You don’t see the complete body so the signals are not complete.
There are a number of MP3 tools that will help you to start a meeting in a good mood, relaxed but focused.

The tools you need are combined in the Professional Performance Package

Content of the package:

1.    Pure Focus 60m,                               

2.    Studying 60m,

3.    Creativity Boost 30m,

4.    Mental Refresher end Clear Mind 10m, 

5.    Mental Refresher end Focused 10m,   

6.    Mental Refresher end Relaxed 10m,

7.    Super Wake-Up 40m.

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With subliminal recordings one’s subconscious sabotaging beliefs, can be changed. Subliminal texts go directly to your subconscious.



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