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Coronavirus Information by Greg Braden

Coronavirus Truth & Fiction.

Useful information and health tips.

This is good information about the Coronavirus, with good advices and well explained by Greg Braden.
At the end of the video there are some health tips concerning supplements.

About the tips at the end of the video.

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Greg talks also about Agarikon Mushroom. These capsules are hard to get and rather expensive.
An alternative can be Chaga Mushroom extracts in capsules.
If you want to buy Chaga Mushroom extractslook here
An other alternative is 6 Mushroom Extract Complex, also containing an amount of Chaga extract and Reishi, look here.

More about Chaga.

Chaga Mushrooms or Inonotus Obliquus, has gained much attention and popularity for its medical properties.* It can be found in the northwest part of North America, Russia, Korea and parts of northern and eastern parts of Europe.It has been used as a natural holistic treatment for a variety of ailments for over 500 years.The Chinese have nicknamed it “The king of all plants” and the Japanese call it “The Diamond of the forest”.

Chaga is known for :
1. anti-bacterial*
2. antifungal*
3. antiviral*
4. antipyretic*
5. anti-inflammatory*
6. antioxidant*
7. anti-tumor*
8. immunity booster*
9. improve concentration*
10. improve performance*
11. Improve physical ability*

*These statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. The discussed products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Fusion Medical Animation

Nutritional supplements of high-quality

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Example of nutritional supplements Co Q10

Nutritional supplements like:
Supplements, CoQ10, Probiotics.
Melatonin, Multi Vitamins for men, Multi Vitamins for women.
Skin care, Beauty and personal care, Collagen
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Organic products,
Herbal supplements, Bulk herbs
Liquid concentrates, Joint support supplements
Pet products, Sports & fitness supplements, Vitamin C
Herbs, Turmeric, Homeopathy, Vegan products.

A healthy lifestyle (with nutritonal supplements).

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In short: Piping Rock is the one-stop shop for health-conscious consumers … but how did it come to that?

The story of the family business.

It all started in 1971 when Arthur Rudolph started producing vitamins. His son Scott was inspired by Arthur’s work. He followed his father’s work, looked carefully at his process and learned the ins and outs of the industry. It wasn’t long before he discovered that he, like his father, had a passion for people’s health! As a 19 year old student, Scott started his own vitamin company. In the evenings and at weekends, he packaged products by hand – customer for customer – until his business went exceptionally well. Arthur and his son started a partnership in 1986 and they founded Nature’s Bounty (NBTY), which in the following 24 years grew into the world’s largest manufacturer of vitamins. In 2011, the business was taken to the next level by the establishment of Piping Rock Health Products.

exaples of nutritional supplementsPiping Rock is really different from all other natural products companies!

With Piping Rock, the dream of three generations is realized: namely ensuring that superior quality vitamins, nutritional supplements and natural products are affordable and easily accessible to everyone … because the family truly believes that everyone deserves good health.
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