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Subliminal Messages MP3 Recordings

subliminal messages

Subliminal Messages, can Influence the way you Think, Feel and Act.

Subliminal messages in this case are positive statements that you don’t hear consciously, but your subconscious mind can hear them. The volume of the spoken messages of a subliminal recording is decreased 25 to 35 decibels relative to the normal volume.

The conscious mind.

Your conscious mind can not criticize the message and your subconscious mind accepts the messages as “truth”, just like a young child who blindly believes in the words and deeds of his or her parents and educators.

Examples: Stop Smoking, More Confidence, Overcome Fears

Our Unique Concept.

When you order a subliminal MP3 you will receiveTWO versions: 

1) A day version and 

2) A night version. 

And you pay only for a single version US$ 8.75. Each version has a duration of one hour.

The day version consists of relaxing music with tones to bring the listener in a relaxed and receptive state. 

(WARNING never use subliminal recordings while driving or perating machinery)

The night version uses isochronic  Delta 1 tones for deep sleep and DNA repair.

Why Isochronic tones?

With Isochronic tones you don’t need ear buts so during the night you can play it on your computer or use a BlueTooth speaker.

On this site you will find information about Health, Wealth and Self development. Also products like vitamins and supplements will be discussed and recommended. For many years I studied brainwave frequencies and created meditation MP3’s with different frequencies like Delta, Alpha and Theta see a complete list of brainwave frequencies HERE.

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